Darrel Vecchio

Managing Director/CEO

Darrel has been a business owner for many years, introducing specialist technical services in the commercial food equipment industry. He is very passionate about protecting the trade by sharing, mentoring and by creating a learning environment- lifting the standards and being the best at what you do!

Lorella Vecchio

Team Leader

Lorella is the Office Administrator at Bizmatrix, in charge of customer relations, and administrative duties.

Sue Oxley

Compliance/ Daily Improvement Regulator

Sue Oxley is a dedicated teacher who has been teaching business for many years in both the private and public sectors. Being involved in the VET sector for many years. Sue manages our daily improvement/ compliance checks processes and helps maintain and improve our quality , while exceeding compliance.

David Williamson

Senior Educator/Technical Specialist

David is a senior trainer at Bizmatrix, sharing his passion for learning and all things technical with his students.

Robert Kaiser

Electrical Training Specialist

Rob is a dedicated electrical trainer at Bizmatrix. Previously working for over 17 years in the electrical industry, his extensive experience is evident in the classroom.

Shane Cameron

Gas/Technical Trainer | Educator

Shane has many years experience . Being part of the team for over 20 years and is the lead trainer and assessor for the Certificate III in gas fitting , Gas service licence courses and the Type A gas programs- offering the students real World and current knowledge and experience to their learning journeys.

Donette Fanti

Administration Officer

Donette is the administration officer at Bizmatrix and is your first point of contact for all learning needs.

Jackie Moore

Student Services Officer

Jackie is the student services officer at Bizmatrix, assisting students with their training needs.

Kurt Lewis

Technical specialist

Kurt Lewis has many years of experience working in plumbing and gas. Kurt Lewis is the primary technical adviser for Type A gas fitting, Type B gas fitting , Gas stationary engines , Certificate III in Gas Fitting, Gas Work Licence – Restricted to Service and all other Type A/B Gas courses.

Rockie Whitbread

Education Specialist

As the principle owner of RJW Gas services, Rockie is a valuable trainer at Bizmatrix.

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