We all have to start somewhere

Taking on an apprentice in your business can now be a fully funded process. 

As an employer, you will be rewarded with the many grants and funding options available from the Australian Government.

As a future apprentice, understanding the funding options available could potentially help you pitch the opportunity of gaining an apprenticeship from an employer. 

This information is not only helpful for an employer but also those considering an apprenticeship. 

What is an apprenticeship?

An apprenticeship is a pathway that combines formal study with on the job training. It is an excellent pathway for those looking for a new career and to enter the workforce while learning. Throughout the apprenticeship time frame, you will be learning and working. Once you have finished the program, you will be ready to work as a qualified tradesperson in your field.

It is an incredible way to gain hands-on experience. The Australian government provides many incentives and benefits for those wanting to undertake an apprenticeship.

Am I too old for an apprenticeship?

Never! Whether you’re straight out of school or a mature aged student and wanting a new career, there are even more incentives for mature age students wishing to take on an apprenticeship. 

Bizmatrix highly recommends this pathway for those wanting to take on a new career and get their foot in the door. 

Now’s the time to begin; it’s never too late.


What can I study as an apprentice?

The good news is, there are over 500 different occupations you can choose to study as an apprentice. Bizmatrix provides the Certificate III in Gas Fitting as a full apprenticeship pathway to become a full gas fitter.

Who is eligible for an apprenticeship?

There are no restrictions when it comes to applying for an apprenticeship, whether you’re a school leaver or an adult wanting a career change. In some cases students begin a school-based apprenticeship during secondary school.

 What’s the difference between an apprenticeship and traineeship?

These two terms often get confused. So let’s take a look at the difference.


Apprenticeship programs are structured training that falls over 3 to 4 years. Mixed in with training at a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) the program works in with practical, on the job experience. After completing an apprenticeship, you will be issued with a qualification and have gained on the job skills.


A traineeship consists of an agreement where the employee is trained up in a specific industry by the employer. In this case the trainee is working and learning simultaneously. The time frame is from nine months up to two years, and this is determined by the timeline of the certificate level undertaken.

Why do an apprenticeship over a regular gas course?

An apprenticeship program is beneficial for those who already have an employer and would like their training to be fully funded. By opting to do the Certificate III in Gas Fitting as an apprenticeship, you will not have to pay any course fees for this program. Your employer will also be reimbursed for some of their time taken to train you. 

Advantages of an apprenticeship

  • Fully funded training program.
  • Earn and learn!
  • Guided experience on the job with logbooks
  • Continue with your employer to build a career path

Disadvantages of an apprenticeship

  • Time frame – if you want to get your qualification quickly, the apprenticeship program takes longer than the regular Certificate III in Gas Fitting program.
  • Logbooks – each week, you will be required to submit a logbook of work and experience to ensure that you are guided within the correct areas of gas.

Where can I do an apprenticeship?

At Bizmatrix, we work with apprenticeship placement Busy at Work for those wanting to complete a Certificate III in Gas Fitting Apprenticeship program. This program is fully funded by User Choice and Busy at Work.

The employer is required to have correct resources, like a licensed gas fitter for the apprentice to work under.

The process is as follows:

  1. Sign up with Busy at Work apprenticeship program
  2. Have employer and apprentice sign off on this agreement
  3. Apply for Certificate III in Gas Fitting with Bizmatrix
  4. Complete training at Bizmatrix
  5. Complete logbooks at work every week with an employer
  6. The student is then required to complete four units from Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services to receive the full gas licence. These units are not funded and fall outside of the scope of the apprenticeship program.

What do I do know?

If you are thinking about undertaking a gas apprenticeship, chat to our team at Bizmatrix for more information.

Learn about the different options and consider how this program will help your career progress and earn more money.

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