My Gas Licence has expired – What now?

We get a lot of calls about what to do if your gas licence expires.

In Queensland, this process has recently changed. 

The Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy has updated the way that expired gas licences are approached.

So when it comes to dealing with an expired gas licence, the news may be good or bad, depending on the time frame you have let it lapse for.


Avoid letting your gas licence expire

If there’s one thing that we can recommend, even if you aren’t using your gas licence or any trade licence for that matter, never ever let them expire! 

We hear so many stories where it’s been 10+ years and a tradesperson decides to return to his/her trade, only to be faced with the issue that their license has lapsed and they have to start from the beginning again.

If you let your licence lapse for more than five years, you will most likely have to go through a full qualification program again.

This could mean that all of your hard work was wasted due to trying to save money or not wanting to spend time renewing your licence.

Short term gain = long term pain.

So let’s take a look in further detail at the process of updating your expired licence.

The new Trade Test and Licence requirements for an expired gas licence

Your gas licence expired less than 12 months ago, OR you have delayed your application for your gas work licence.

If you have delayed your application for your Gas Work Licence, or it expired less than 12 months ago, then you can still apply for it. 

Your application needs to include the most current requirements as per the Department of Natural Resources Mines and Energy’s website.

Your gas licence expired more than 12 months ago, but less than five years ago.

You will need to complete an assessment.

You will need to provide the following copies of current qualifications – Certificate III in Gas Fitting, or Certificate III in Plumbing and Services with the specific units required.

You will need to complete the evaluation kit and checklist, as well as an interview for skills gap analysis.

If your qualifications and experience match requirements but are not current enough, you will need to complete the Gas Work Trade Test through Bizmatrix. 

This experience is to ensure your skills align with the most current gas licence requirements.

Your gas licence expired over five years ago.

If your gas licence expired over five years ago and your qualifications are no longer current you are:

    • Not eligible to complete the Gas Work Trade Test
    • Required to complete a gas assessment and evaluation
    • You will need to complete a new licence application – therefore it’s likely you will have to undertake training for the Certificate III in Gas Fitting units to achieve the gas work interim licence.

To learn more about the Gas Work Trade Test program, take a look at the full course information here.

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