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One of the most popular foundation courses that we provide at Bizmatrix is the Type B Gas Fitting training course. This course will teach you to install and service Type B appliances while complying with relevant industry standards.

Type B gas appliances is a gas appliance where there is no certification scheme , include the base type industrial appliances & gas systems found in Type B gas water/steam boilers in a large industry, hotels or apartment buildings, gas-fired package burners, industrial fryers, gas furnaces, Direct air fired heaters and the special conditions etc. Industrial gas appliances that are used in an industrial or commercial setting fall into the Type B appliance category.

Who is this course designed for?

This course is for individuals who are looking to upgrade their skills and qualifications for industrial gas fitting. Or require the training and competency for :

  • To get a  Type B gas licence and or
  • Individual Gas Work Authorisation for Type B gas work Queensland  or
  • Work under a Gas Work Authorised employer/company or 
  • To work under a Safety Management Plan system.
  • To gain the accredited unit CPCPGS4023B  for work skills,knowledge & competence.

Course At A Glance

Subject unit: CPCPGS4023B – Install, Commission & Service Type B Gas Appliances

Nationally Recognised? Yes.

  • Complete the pre-eLearning work before attending the face to face.
  • Restricted electrical or electrical licence is required to achieve the final Statement of Attainment to complete the course.
Education (onsite) 7-10 days
Practical face-to-face
E-Learning (online) 20 hours online (prior to 10-day face-to-face course.
50 hours online (prior to 7-day face-to-face course.
Correspondence Not available

TYPE B GAS COURSE Early bird - $4,100
Standard - $4,600
(Optional) Restricted Electrical Units Special Price - $1,995

Blended Restricted Electrical Course

Additional to the Type B gas Course.

  • Must be enrolled or completed Bizmatrix Type B gas course.
  • E-learning 20-30 hrs + 5 days face to face.
  • No training permit or Logbooks required.
  • Test and Tag unit included.
  • Disconnect/ Reconnect,Locate Rectify, Plugs/ Cords 250 Vac.

Special Price $1995 for the Restricted Electrical for Type B gas.


10-14 Day Type B Gas Course

EARLY BIRD (Brisbane Only)
E-Learn + 7-10 days


E-Learn+ 7-10 days


Restricted Electrical Unit Cluster

Optional for those who don’t hold a restricted electrical licence.

Completed in conjuction with the Type B gas course.

E-learn + 5 days


Course Outcomes

This will depend on what you want to achieve.

  • Relevant legislation and Standards associated with Type B gas 
  • How to compile a Submission for a new Type B gas installation
  • Install, Commissioning and service of  Type B gas appliances
  • Identify and complete all relevant documentation.
  • Understand the correct testing techniques for Type B gas appliances.
  • Understand the compliance and safety aspects of Type B gas.
  • Combustion analysis, Burner Management Systems, commissioning.
  • Complete coverage of AS3814 – and AS1375.
  • Valve training testing/ setting up Gas regulators and OPSO systems,
  • Start gas, Main gas set up.

Training Dates & Locations – 2020

Training Dates

Location: Unit 52-53 / 193-203 South Pine Road, 4500 Brendale, Queensland.

Frequency: Training courses in Brisbane are held regularly as listed.

Bizmatrix Type B gas -Next courses : 

TYBG-1-BNE-2020 – Feb-March 2020  Training Course Brisbane: Online e-learning + 10 days face to face sessions -Week one- 17-21 February 2020 Week Two- 2-6 March 2020.

TYBG-2-BNE-2020 – April/May 2020  Training Course Brisbane:  Online e-learning + 10 days face to face sessions -Week one- 20-24 April 2020 Week Two- 11-15 May 2020


Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost

Location: Bizmatrix Campbelltown Sydney Campus

Frequency: Training courses in Sydney 

TYBG-SYDNEY-1-2020- Course Complete five Modules:

 Online-e learning & Assessment  + 7 days face to face| Campbelltown Sydney –

-Session 1: 11th-13th February 2020 (3 Days) +

-Session 2:16th-19th February 2020 (4 Days)= Total 7 days  

 Enrollment NOW open-  Course Online starts immediately 

  •  The Online e-course is comprised of

     Induction gas basics- 5-8 hrs –  
    • Modules 1-5 approximately 20-40 hrs

    • All online e-learning to be completed by: 11th February 2020
  •  Sydney Face to Face practical sessions Start 11th February 2020  (7days )  at EMS Campbelltown NSW   


Name Date Time Location Available Spaces Cost
TYBG-Sydney-1-2020:Type B gas course-MARCH-eLearning 7 days practical 11-13; 16-19 March 2020 07:30 am – 05:00 pm Campbelltown SYDNEY NSW 9 $4,600.00


Location: Bizmatrix Mobile Resources, Charles Darwin University.

Frequency: Courses run on request.


Location: Mobile training facilities available.

Frequency: Courses in Gladstone are arranged on demand.

Location: Locations vary.

Frequency: Training courses in Canberra are held annually.

+After completing the Type B gas course you will be able to…

With the foundation skills and knowledge to Install,service and commission Type B gas appliances, you will be able to:

  • Understand the legislative & compliance requirements.
  • How to create a compliant submission.
  • Safely commission a Type B gas appliance.
  • Complete basic fault finding and service for Type B gas appliances.
  • Have the first step of gaining your Type B gas Licence or Gas Work Authorisation.

+Once I pass the course, what can I do?

This will depend on what you want to achieve.

If you only require a record of results, then you do not need to get a restricted electrical licence / electrical licence. Just provide a copy of the record of results to your employer.

If you need a statement of attainment- then you will require a restricted electrical licence to achieve the final Statement of attainment. You have 10 months to complete and get the restricted electrcal for the Type B gas Statement of attainment .

If you have the Statement of Attainment, then apply for a Gas Work Authorisation or a Type B gas licence. Note there will be licencing requirements for these applications.

We recommend you maintain your currency and you should plan to complete referesher training through out your licence or work career.

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